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Avoid Penalties by Offering Online New Hire Training Programs

Provide your employees with up-to-date onsite OSHA training so they can easily provide quality service. OSHA training is offered in a variety of formats, including conventional classroom courses, video, and online training. Offer training materials, leave sufficient time for question answering, and additional resources like case studies. Train your team members according to your needs.

Provide a large space, like a large conference room, for onsite trainers. This space can then be divided into areas for different types of courses, like construction, automotive, electrical or safety. In each of these courses, trainers will teach you about OSHA safety regulations and provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to work safely. When choosing a trainer, find one that is certified through OSHA, has experience teaching online, and who uses actual case studies to demonstrate their training methods. You want to avoid wasting your company’s resources by hiring someone who doesn’t have a full understanding of the course material you are providing.

There are several ways you can utilize onsite safety training. You can train your staff in several different aspects of safety, or all of them at once to ensure that everyone is trained and on the same page with their assigned roles. Implement several different courses throughout the year to keep staff updated on safety regulations and other important information.

The third way to utilize onsite OSHA training is to implement a hazardous waste training program. OSHA requires employers to conduct hazardous waste training for their employees as part of their safety guidelines. If you choose not to offer this type of onsite training, your business may be fined heavily. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you implement a program for the proper training of your employees.

When you implement a program for proper training you will provide great benefits for your business. You will save money on OSHA fees, provide great first aid knowledge for your employees, and reduce the potential occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace. It is also highly recommended that you offer training in the areas of general outreach and compliance with OSHA regulations. Employers are required to notify OSHA in writing when they expect a compliance inspection, which means you can easily reach all of your employees with tips on how they can get the job done properly.

Many companies shy away from offering OSHA because of the steep costs involved. However, if you choose not to offer onsite OSHA training or other specialty services you may end up having to pay thousands in fines. Onsite training can be achieved simply through email correspondence courses that require minimal effort on the part of the business owner. Whether you decide to use onsite training or provide your employees with online new hire training courses, you can easily lower your liability costs while maintaining compliance with OSHA regulations.

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