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Looking for Compression Molding and Silicon Molding Materials

If you do business, it is important to keep what you’ve promised to your clients. Since you supply products made up of plastic and silicon, you better find a company that will offer you the finest products. If you heard of Cuyahoga Plastics, you better visit their official website to know what they can offer to you. You supply products to various field and industries. The kinds of products they create for their respective markets will speak so much about them. If you all want to offer products of high quality to the market, you should choose Cuyahoga Plastics.

Upon browsing, you shall find compounds used for compression molding and bulk molding. It only shows that the company has main manufacturers of BMCs. The un-saturated polyester compounds are processed using various methods such as transfer molding, injection molding, and compression molding. The materials being molded are even known to some as DMCs or dough molding compounds. Aside from polyester, you will also know phenolics. Other people know phenolic molding compound as Bakelite. If you want an economical choice, you better go for phenolics. What you love about phenolics is its excellent heat resistant.

Choose phenolics if you want various application. You also like it for having dimensional stability and electrical insulation properties. You also like to avail diallyl-phthalate or DAP. If you need to create commercial electrical components, DAP is the finest choice. When creating high-performance military components, you must ensure long-term reliability. DAP is recognized due to its being highly resistant to severe stresses and extreme jolts. It is also found to have high resistance to acids, fuels, solvents, alkalis, hydraulic fluids, sterilizing solutions, and plating chemicals. You will appreciate it because it is also inert to the growth of fungus.

You also desire that the company provides epoxies. You like them because they exhibit low viscosity if you need to fill a mold. Any designer will have flexibility to encapsulate sensitive electronic components. If there is a need to create high-density pin connectors, it shall happen through epoxies. You will appreciate epoxies as well for having high surface hardness. Epoxies can be applied in coil. If you need to create connectors, encapsulations, sensors, resistors, and fuse holders, epoxies are the best things in the world. Aside from that, it is also important to avail melamines. Cuyahoga Plastics would even mold sheet moding compounds.

Aside from those materials, you also want to know that the company molds urea materials. If you happen to stay somewhere in Cleveland, there is no way to find another provider of all those materials. You may contact them through their official phone number or through toll free access. You can also fax them or even send them an electronic mail. It is important that you speak with their agents so that they will know the types of materials you need from them and if you need their assistance when it comes to molding. Truly, you want the best for your clients and it takes the best company to be a partner.

The Essential Laws of Explained

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